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Save £1,000s in fuel EVERY YEAR with vehicle tracking

Tuesday, May 20, 2014 - 10:00
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AMBITION: Tracking should be used by ALL fleets

Cost-cutting and improving efficiency is always on the wish list of anyone who manages company vehicles – but with so many options out there, how do you pick the best vehicle tracking system?

Telematics (vehicle tracking) in some cases has saved fleet managers an incredible £1,000 per vehicle, per year, on reduced fuel costs alone.

Some solutions allow you to send tracking information to your customers directly with ease, improving the quality of your clients’ experiences.

Everyone is talking about it, and it sounds great, but do I really need vehicle tracking?

Large fleet or small, it is extremely useful to know where your vehicles are at any time.

Most vehicle tracking systems can pinpoint a vehicle’s location; saving you time and money if there is a breakdown, or the worst case scenario – a theft!

Have you ever wondered what your vehicles (and their drivers) get up to out on the open road? Some deliveries seem to be taking a lot longer than you were expecting and you can’t work out why? A vehicle tracking system can help you identify how routes are being planned and help your drivers get more out of their time behind the wheel!

There are even cases where delivery drivers have used the panic button attached to certain vehicle tracking systems to alert control that they are in trouble and where they are. Or where poor driving behaviour has been identified and corrected, improving fuel efficiency and, more importantly, driver safety!

Even companies with smaller fleets, three vehicles or more, have seen the benefits of implementing a vehicle tracking system.

Okay I’m sold – but there are so many out there and they don’t tell you how much they cost. What do I do next?

True, a lot of UK suppliers don’t publish how much their vehicle tracking systems cost. This isn’t (as you might have thought) because the cost would send you running. This is because often these solutions have a great deal of additional features, and the only way to get a real gauge on the cost and benefit to your business specifically, is to get a tailored quote.

I don’t have time to go gathering and comparing individual quotes…

Sounds like you need a vehicle tracking system to free up some of your valuable time!

Luckily there is a free comparison website out there for vehicle tracking that is quick and easy to fill in with some basic information; then, the suppliers will come to you!

It is absolutely no obligation, and you get to compare the market to get the right solution for your business, getting the best deal! Also, the website only pass your details to four specially-selected suppliers so you can rest assured that you won’t get inundated.

Don’t put it off any longer, go and compare them now, at VehicleTrackingPrices.co.uk.

This article is an advertorial by Expert Market. Find out more about our advertorials here.

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