Alfen’s new affordable smart home EV charge point set to accelerate energy transition

Wednesday, March 13, 2019 - 08:16
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Marco Roeleveld, CEO, Alfen

Smart grid manufacturer and integrator, Alfen, has launched a fast, smart electric vehicle (EV) charge point for the domestic market – the Eve Single S-line. Priced to appeal to homeowners and help unlock the domestic smart charging market, it offers the interoperability, energy and grid optimisation features required to support low-carbon energy transition. It also already complies with the UK Government’s new requirements for smart charging which apply to its grants from July 2019.

The new product shares the mature technology platform of Alfen’s flagship Eve portfolio. The platform is acknowledged for its reliability and advanced data security which is IEC 27001 compliant. Like all other products in the range, the Eve Single S-line is suitable for integration with Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) management systems, time-of-use tariffs, demand response product portfolios, self-generated renewables and energy storage. It also offers dynamic load balancing, with charging speed adjustable in increments of a single amp to respond to other electricity being used in the home. This ensures that a vehicle is charged at the fastest rate possible within the constraints of the local grid connection.

With its unique combination of functionality and affordability, from an established manufacturer, the Eve Single S-line is ideal for any utility or EV service company wanting to gain smart energy traction in the home-charging market.

Marco Roeleveld, CEO at Alfen said: “Energy transition requires all energy users to be informed about, and make and act on, decisions about their energy use – and to be rewarded for doing so. Charging an electric vehicle at home impacts the homeowner’s energy bill and smart charging data helps to understand exactly how much. Integrating a charge point with solar panels, to optimise self-use of own energy, reduces impact on the grid and saves homeowner’s money. A charger that can ramp up and down, or on and off, in response to other electricity being used in the home, or a time-of-use tariff, is effectively allowing the homeowner to act on their energy decisions and save money.

If you then consider that almost one third of all electricity consumption in Europe is for domestic use, you start to understand how, when broadly adopted, smart EV charging can help accelerate energy transition. Our challenge at Alfen was to develop a product that made all this possible, yet affordable, for homeowners while adopting common standards and open protocols to make the product as futureproof as possible. We believe the Eve Single S-line achieves this.”

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