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A heatwave driving hack everyone should know about

Thursday, June 23, 2022 - 07:55

With the soaring heat and rail strikes in full swing, experts at Select Car Leasing have the ultimate driving hack for the summer that everyone should know about.

The ultimate hack for driving this summer is the recirculation button on the AC unit in most vehicles. We all know it’s there, but many of us don’t know how best to use it.

Graham Conway, Managing Director at Select Car Leasing, UK’s largest independent specialists for car and van leasing, has revealed exactly how we should be using the recirculation feature to get the most from your vehicle’s AC.

“The recirculation button takes the air from inside your car and circulates it around instead of pulling in fresh air from outside, working with your AC to keep you cool” says Conway, “and the perfect time to use this is in summer weather when the outside air is hot.”

A/C controlsGraham has given four reasons on why using the air recirculation button can do us a huge favour during this period of hot weather.

  • It keeps you cooler

“By keeping hot air from outside out of the car and circulating the air already in there, your car will be much cooler when driving in the baking heat. The circulation of cooler air will make the drive much easier for both the driver and passengers, especially during a long journey with children or pets in the car.”

  • Makes your AC unit last longer

“Since the AC doesn’t have to pull in hot air from outside, the AC unit will be working at an optimum level which allows your vehicle to get as cold as possible as quickly as possible. It reduces strain on the system, and keeps the air filters cleaner for much longer which all increases the longevity of your car.”

  • Stops pollution and pollen from getting in your car

“A massive bonus if you suffer from hay fever, air recirculation blocks bad toxins such as pollution, pollen and even bad smells from entering the vehicle. If you happen to be stuck in traffic next to a smelly field whilst suffering from hayfever, the button is definitely a massive convenience that’s better for your general health.”

  • Helps reduce fuel consumption and saves battery

“With the price of petrol and diesel higher than they’ve ever been before, everyone is looking for ways to save on fuel. In the hot weather, the air recirculation will assist the AC system which will reduce fuel consumption and also save power for the car’s battery to last longer.”

With all this in mind, pressing this mysterious button has some great benefits that are better for your car’s health and the health of everyone in the car.

One other tip from Graham: “If the car has been baking in the sun, then roll the windows down, turn the AC on and get rid of the hot air in the car before switching recirculate on, otherwise you’ll be stuck with hot air being recirculated.”


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