Up to 300,000 accident-damaged cars to hit forecourts by 2016

Friday, October 18, 2013 - 12:00
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CRASH: New study by Accident Exchange

Around 300,000 cars previously involved in an accident could return to dealer forecourts by 2016, research has shown.

An Accident Exchange study has revealed that, of the 30% of new vehicles being part-exchanged to the original dealer within three years, one in four could have been accident-damaged.

Some dealer groups questioned in the survey stated up to 40% of vehicles are sold back into the network or are part-exchanged within three years.

The lowest rate was 18% – nearly a quarter, or 300,000 in total, will have suffered an accident in the same period.

Accident Exchange claim the research highlights the importance of OEM-standard body repairs following an accident to protect the customer and safeguard dealer profits.

Liz Fisher, Director of Sales Development at Accident Exchange, said: “No dealer wants a car on the forecourt which is, effectively, a dud.

“If customers, especially in these straightened times, cut corners and don’t have their cars adequately repaired, it could cost a dealer later.

“The franchised network, together with its approved repairers, must do more to retain and educate customers to call the dealer in the event of an accident.

“One effective way of doing this is by providing an effective accident management scheme.

“There are the clear income streams to consider if a dealer provides an accident management scheme, but it is the less obvious effect on customer satisfaction and therefore loyalty which really matters.”

Image courtesy of Ryan Weisgerber, with thanks.

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