Half of fleets are prepared to fit proximity sensors

Thursday, July 17, 2014 - 09:00
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Cyclist’s need to be in more focus

52% of the UK’s fleet operators are willing to fit proximity sensors to their vehicles to help protect vulnerable road users.

The findings came following a seven-day survey by comparison website TrackCompare.

The poll was held shortly after the road safety charity Brake called on operators of every type and size of vehicle to minimise blind-spot risk.

Kjell Anderton, a TrackCompare director, said: “It’s encouraging more than half of fleet operators say they are willing to fit proximity sensors.
“Their comments appear to be a good reflection of current thinking. They include ‘I’d use proximity sensors to protect my insurance premium more than anything,’ ‘Yes, for sure,’ and ‘No, not really. We already have cameras,’

Laura Woods, research and information officer at Brake, said: “Employers and drivers have a key role to play in making our streets safer for walking and cycling and preventing tragedies.
“Addressing and managing the risks caused by blind spots, and ensuring drivers are manoeuvring with the utmost care, is essential.”

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