Fleet managers see increase in time spent on admin

Monday, March 9, 2015 - 10:26
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One in five fleet managers say time spent on administration has increased in last 12 months

The figures come from the quarterly Company Car Trends research from GE Capital, Fleet Services.

GE’s findings are slightly different for those managers where fleet is their primary job role – with 20% reporting an increase – and those who have a wider remit but include fleet management – up 17%.

Gary Killeen, Managing Director at GE Capital UK Fleet Services, said: “We believe that these figures show two key findings. Firstly, and most obviously, a sizeable number of managers involved in running fleets are seeing a year-on-year increase in the amount of administrative work they have to undertake.

“It is the second finding that we find more interesting. It clearly shows that managers who become involved in fleet decisions, and for whom company cars / vans are not their primary responsibility, are increasingly getting tied up in fleet issues.

The report reveals that this is especially true in areas such as operations, finance and human resources where fleet administration is eating up a greater amount of work time. The report also shows that the issues leading to greater levels of fleet administration surrounded responsibilities such as risk management and environmental initiatives.

“We continue to see more companies outsourcing key areas of fleet responsibility and an increasing administrative burden is often part of this decision. In these situations, outsourcing can take pressure off managers working across many different parts of an organisation.” Mr Killeen said in summary.

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