Workplaces get wired

Thursday, February 19, 2015 - 13:47
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Installation from £995 +VAT

With the number of plug-in cars and vans in the UK now surpassing 25,000, it is clear that companies are increasingly adopting electric vehicles. This uptake has a knock-on effect as employees are then more likely to make a purchase and want to recharge when they reach their place of work.

Fortunately, Chargemaster, the country’s leading provider of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, is offering UK companies a simple package to get a 7kW charge point installed by its nationwide team of qualified expert technicians for just £995 + VAT.

David Martell, CEO of Chargemaster, said: “It is great to an increasing number of consumers and businesses investing in electric vehicles, which deliver reduced running costs and lower emissions. However, to make the most of these vehicles, workplaces really need to have fit-for-purpose charging points – both for their own electric vehicle fleets, and for employees who choose to drive plug-in vehicles.”

For many businesses, the investment in a workplace charging point will be quickly and easily recouped in reduced running costs. It is also a great benefit to offer employees who have chosen to drive vehicles that are less harmful to the environment.

The workplace charging points are made in the UK at Chargemaster’s facility in Luton and are made of high-quality, robust materials that make them suitable for outdoor use. As well as a great deal on 7kW charging points, Chargemaster is also offering discounts on multiple charging units and can provide 22kW units for workplaces with 3-phase power supplies.

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