Wallbox world first on display at EVS 32

Monday, May 20, 2019 - 08:35
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The world’s first commercially available bi-directional DC electric vehicle charger designed specifically for domestic installation will be on display at the EVS 32 exhibition in Lyon. The revolutionary Wallbox design incorporates technologies and materials never used before in an electric vehicle charger, to enable the balanced interaction between home energy production, storage, vehicle charging and V2X functionality.

Also on display will be the company’s updated range of AC chargers.

Pulsar is the best selling Wallbox charger. Designed specifically for the home it is compact, economical and packed full of technology and features. To further strengthen the Pulsar range offering, Wallbox is introducing the new Pulsar Plus. The Plus model includes the extra protection offered by DC leakage detection. This eliminates the risk of energy stored in the vehicle’s battery from entering the grid supply, corresponding with the introduction of new installation standards in many markets.

Pulsar Plus also benefits from the inclusion of wi-fi connectivity, in addition to its Bluetooth capability. This means Pulsar Plus is able to access the real time and dynamic Power Boost and Power Sharing functionalities available from the myWallbox charging management platform.

Power Boost optimises the energy relationship between home and vehicle, in order to give faster charging when more power is available. Power Sharing allows a balance between vehicles charging in the same location.

The myWallbox platform is accessed via mobile app and PC. It is free for domestic users and allows charging to be managed remotely; increasing and decreasing charging rates, locking and unlocking the device, scheduling charging sessions and providing comprehensive user history and statistics.

Pulsar Plus is suitable for every plug in vehicle, with type 1 and type 2 tethered connectors and is rated all the way up to the maximum domestic charging power of 22 kW. It is one of the quickest and smartest chargers available.

The all new Commander 2 model has had its public space credentials strengthened with the addition of a Gorilla glass touchscreen. And it gets DC leakage detection. It is capable of accessing Phase Balancing and Power Sharing functionalities from the myWallbox Business charging management platform, which both dramatically improve the energy use efficiency at multiple charging locations. Importantly it maintains these functionalities even when the internet goes down because each charger has the critical intelligence on board.

Commander 2 can be accessed with a simple user PIN or RFID card. The charger can be managed remotely via ethernet, wi fi or mobile communication. And with the benefit of full colour screen advertising, type 1 and type 2 tethered connection, and a powerful 22 kW rating, it is the ideal solution for shared parking areas and commercial locations.

Wallbox Copper is the world’s only electric vehicle charger to utilise face and gesture recognition technology. Confirming its innovative approach, it has won a coveted Red Dot Product Design Award in 2019. Launched in October 2017, the distinctive looking Copper has been successful in all major electric vehicle markets.

Wallbox has manufacturing capacity of 100,000 units and research and development in Barcelona. It has software engineering and customer support in Madrid. Wallbox technology is the preferred choice for major utilities and auto makers. In 2019 Wallbox will create employment for over 200 people.

The company also has a manufacturing and sales joint venture in China. The newly formed company, Wallbox FAWSN Charging Systems Co Ltd, has broken ground on building a new manufacturing facility located in Suzhou, 100 km west of Shanghai. Initial installed capacity at Suzhou is for the production and sales of 500,000 Wallbox chargers over the next five years, fully establishing the brand’s entry into the Chinese market.

Wallbox has found further expression for its global ambitions by becoming the ‘Official Partner’ of HWA RACELAB, for season five of the all-electric ABB FIA Formula E Championship. The sponsorship deal means the Wallbox branded race car will be seen by a potential media audience reach of 960 million worldwide, reinforcing the company’s commitment to global growth.

Wallbox was founded in 2015 by Enric Asunción and Eduard Castañeda, who are now CEO and CTO respectively. Wallbox has already collected prestigious awards. It has been judged as one of the world’s most promising companies by the founders of Linkedin, Netflix Siri, the CEO of Cisco and CIO of Tesla. And one of ‘The 10 Fastest Growing EVs Solution Providers, 2018’.

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