UK’s largest rapid charging network adds contactless payment

Polar, the UK’s largest public charging network for electric vehicles, will now offer contactless bank card payment on all new 50kW rapid and 150kW ultra-fast chargers, as well as having it retrofitted to all existing 50kW Ultracharge units.

BP Chargemaster operates the Polar network, which provides access to over 7,000 charging points, including over 450 rapid chargers. It introduced its Polar Plus subscription service in 2015, with tens of thousands of customers now benefiting from using the network in this way. The company has continued to develop solutions to meet customer needs, from pay-as-you-go access via smartphone to deploying the first contactless device on a rapid charger in the UK.

While BP Chargemaster will continue to lead with its unique Polar Plus subscription, adding contactless bank card payment on all new 50kW and 150kW chargers will make it easier for occasional users to access the Polar network, with all existing Ultracharge units retrofitted with the technology over the next 12 months.

BP Chargemaster is investing heavily in expanding the Polar network, including the rollout of 150kW units to create the UK’s first nationwide network of ultra-fast chargers. The company continues to operate at the forefront of electric vehicle charging and remains committed to making charging as fast, convenient and cost-effective as possible.

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