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Mina launch essential guide to support businesses in their transition to EV

Tuesday, February 15, 2022 - 10:36
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EV charging payment specialists, Mina, today launch an essential guide backed by OVO and Easee, which is aimed to support businesses in their transition to electric vehicles.

Covering everything from TCO, tax, differing charging types and installation to understanding the pain paints and managing payments, the white paper, which is available to download, will be an essential tool for all businesses looking to make the switch.

Ashley Tate, CEO and Co-Founder, Mina explains: “Helping businesses who are looking to transition to electric vehicles avoid the mistakes we have seen others make, I think is essential. We have supported some of the largest and smallest fleets in the country transition to electric and have seen the successes and the mistakes. It can be an extremely complicated process that very few people have any experience with, especially when it comes to paying for employees’ charging costs. This guide is here to help.”

Mina’s multi award winning solution is the UK’s only product that combines home, public and workplace charging costs on one monthly invoice for the business. Drivers don’t pay a thing, they’re never out of pocket and don’t have to submit expense claims each month. Instead when a driver charges their company EV at home, Mina calculates the true cost and pays their energy supplier directly.

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