EO Charging launches ‘eoALM’ EV charging management solution

Monday, August 20, 2018 - 11:33
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EO Charging, one of the UK’s leading electric vehicle (EV) charging manufacturers, has today launched ‘eoALM’ – a small unit that offers Automatic Load Management (ALM) for non-smart EV chargers.

The ‘eoALM’ module is self-contained and sits separately from an EO charger, constantly monitoring the energy profile of a building. ‘eoALM’ can prioritise charging of EVs, turn down the power going to EV chargers or simply turn them off if the site is nearing its power usage limit.

When combined with an eoMini or eoBasic charger, the unit is the most cost-effective management solution for a two (or more) EV household, residential apartments and businesses looking to power a small electric or plug-in hybrid fleet.

Richard Earl, CTO at EO Charging, said: “Most buildings don’t have sufficient power to fast charge multiple EVs simultaneously. Homeowners are likely to exceed their energy usage limit if they have more than one EV plugged in whilst trying to cook dinner, watch TV or turn the washing machine on! Diversity can’t be applied to an EV charger, so installers must carefully consider the charging infrastructure they recommend.

“The only solutions currently available are to invest in either an expensive upgrade to a sites power supply or smart-charging infrastructure – a cost prohibitive option for most domestic EV drivers and small business owners. Not only does the ‘eoALM’ unit save on upfront capital investment but it can also prevent home-owners from drawing further power during spikes in energy usage, which is often at the most expensive time of the day.”

eoALM Key features:

  • Connects up to six eoMini or six eoBasic chargers
  • Two modes of operation:
    • Priority charging (first come first served)
    • Distribution mode (available current is evenly distributed to all connected vehicles)
  • Two different model variants based on power control levels:
    • EA001 (High Power) – 100A, 80A, 60A or 40A
    • EA002 (Low Power) – 40A, 32A, 25A, 20A
  • Premise’s current supply measured using a single Current Transformer (CT) Clamp (measured every second)
  • Powered through the serial connection to the charging stations
  • Enclosure designed to ensure configurations settings cannot be changed i.e. anti-tamper




Charlie Jardine, Founder & CEO at EO Charging, said: “We know that not every EV driver or business owner is in a position to invest in smart-charging technology. The ‘eoALM’ unit was designed in collaboration with our installation partners to ensure they’re able to offer a simple, and cost-effective charging solution. Installers around the UK have been screaming for the ‘eoALM’ and we’re excited to showcase what this little black box of magic will do.”

The ‘eoALM’ unit is available from EO Charging and further technical specification can be provided upon request by emailing hello@eocharging.com.

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