Engenie & M7’s EV infrastructure partnership to clean UK air

Thursday, November 8, 2018 - 09:03
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Engenie, the convenient electric vehicle (EV) rapid charging network, today announced it has partnered with M7 Real Estate Ltd to install rapid EV chargers across all of M7’s out of town retail warehouses, which is estimated to remove over 2.5 tonnes of harmful NOx from UK roads.

The partnership – which is based on a profit share model on gross profit – will see EV charging points powered exclusively by 100% renewable energy installed at 8 locations across the UK.

Patrick Sherriff, Business Development Director at Engenie said: “Installing convenient, accessible and easy-to-use EV charging points across M7’s UK portfolio will put the customer at the heart of the EV transition. At the same time, the 100% renewable energy powering the chargers and the positive impact on local air quality fits with both M7 and Engenie’s long-term commitments to improving our environmental impact.”

The news marks a major milestone in M7’s long term environmental strategy to future proof its portfolio and optimise performance across all of its locations.

John Murnaghan, Head of UK Real Estate at M7 said: “As the number of retail warehouse assets under our management continues to grow, so too has the demand from our customers for this technology. This partnership presents a compelling opportunity to help future proof our retail park portfolio as well as enhancing the performance of these assets and consumer choice on site.”

The announcement comes hot on the heels of Engenie’s successful bid to secure investment from Investec which will see its UK-wide network grow to 1,500 rapid chargers by 2021. Engenie’s charging points are accessible, easy-to-use, require no membership or connection fee and operate a simple contactless payment method. The majority of the 16 rapid chargers are expected to be installed at M7’s locations in time for Christmas this year.

Patrick Sherriff added: “Partnering with M7 to offer their customers rapid EV charging is a significant step towards our aim to build a public charging network spanning the whole of the UK. M7’s retail parks are a perfect fit for our rapid chargers, giving EV drivers the convenience of re-fuelling whilst they shop and eat.”

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