Allstar partners with MFG to offer increased rapid & ultra-rapid charging for fleets

Thursday, September 29, 2022 - 08:08
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Allstar Business Solutions Limited, one of the UK’s leading fuel and EV payment companies, today announces its latest strategic partnership with rapid and ultra-rapid charge point network MFG (Motor Fuel Group) added to its expanding EV network.

The pairing bolsters Allstar’s network by an additional 40 ultra-rapid EV charging hubs, and that number is growing fast, taking its overall network to more than 8,600 charge points across more than 3,100 locations. MFG aims to have a minimum of four – and up to eight – charge points per location, maximising availability, and the ability to minimise wait times on arrival. It also means that Allstar now offers one of the fastest charging networks in the UK for fleets, accessed via its Allstar One Electric card.

Tom Rowlands_FLEETCOR

Tom Rowlands

MFG is the UK’s largest independent forecourt operator, with its EV service offering exclusively ultra-rapid charging, co-located on MFG’s fuel station network. This ensures continuity of refuelling locations for fleet drivers that are migrating from ICE to electric vehicles. Allstar’s network is located across the UK to maximise convenience to drivers on the road, which marries with MFG’s ethos, having located its forecourts on A roads to minimise route deviation.

The deal will enhance customer’s experience when charging, ensuring they can access charge points conveniently and get back on the road even faster with rapid and ultra-rapid charging. Allstar is building a network that is not only nationwide but solves any pain points that come with electric charging. Recent partnerships include Alfa Power, Allego, ESB Energy, LiFe, GeniePoint, Mer, Osprey, Plug-N-Go, Source London, Charge My Street, Connected Kerb and the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway.

Tom Rowlands, Managing Director, Global EV Solutions at Allstar Business Solutions, said: “Businesses are increasingly adopting EVs into their fleets, so it’s our mission to make their integration as seamless as possible. That means helping drivers get back on the road quickly through access to rapid charging, which is why MFG, and their convenient locations for rapid and ultra-rapid charging, were the perfect partners to add to our network. Now Allstar is able to offer our customers one of the fastest charging networks for fleets in the UK.”

Ed Chadwick, Director, EV at MFG, commented: “MFG is dedicated to keeping motorists on the move and that includes the UK’s businesses. Our hub format reduces queuing and our 150kW ensure you’ll be back on the road as soon as possible. Our forecourt locations also offer toilets, Wi-Fi and coffee to keep drivers going too.  We are delighted to welcome Allstar as our first Managed Service Provider.”

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