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Rolec EV & Sinexcel partner to bring affordable DC charging units to UK

Thursday, January 12, 2023 - 06:17
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One of Europe’s leading electric vehicle chargepoint manufacturers, Rolec EV, has announced its partnership agreement with Sinexcel, a global electric technology company. The partnership will introduce a new range of cost-effective DC rapid EV charging stations offering speeds from 60kW through to 480kW to support both the future of electrified transport and the nations net zero plans.

Rolec EV already offers the UK’s largest range of AC fast and DC rapid charging points and these latest additions will be the most price competitive in the industry. The UltraCharge 160 is the first of three models to be introduced and to ensure suitability to the UK market, intensive testing was carried out at Rolec’s HQ in Lincolnshire for over six months. Having passed with complex testing and compliance procedures, Rolec are now able to confidently charge ahead with deliveries from February 2023.

The modular and scalable ultra-rapid charging station can be upgraded in modules of 20kW, all the way up to 160kW, making it the perfect future-proof and cost-effective solution for public, fleet and highway infrastructure deployment. Offering convenient charging times for every electric vehicle on the market, the UltraCharge 160’s intelligent dynamic power balancing feature enables two vehicles to charge simultaneously and can be activated via either mobile app, RFID, Apple Pay, Google Pay or contactless card payment as well as conforming to the ISO 15118 Plug & Charge standard.

Frankie Mellon, Rolec’s Sales Director commented: “I am delighted to have formed a strategic partnership with Sinexcel, from the initial discussion Rolec felt we had found a partner who shared the same goals as our own, to excel in customer service, product development and to have a wide product range for all applications at a very cost-effective price point.

We installed the first UltraCharge 160 at our HQ some 6 months ago now and since that point we have worked extremely closely with Sinexcel to further develop the product to meet the requirements of the UK market, integrating with cars, lorries, buses, and to identify features we wished to include as standard for our clients, such as a contactless payment terminal and long reach cables.

With many workplaces now requiring a DC & AC charging solutions to support fleet, visitor, and employee charging, it is imperative that we can quote and deliver a reliable product with a short lead time to include within our proposal.

The modular approach of Sinexcel has enabled Rolec to hold UK stock of 60/80/120/160kW models, offering next day delivery to our UK customers. With a 160kW unit retailing at £25,000 we know this product is going to be very well received by the industry!”

Charles Meng, Sinexcel’s Country Director commented: “We see the partnership with Rolec as a mutual achievement of our vision for each other. It’s not just a normal partnership, it’s more like entering a formal relationship, like a marriage. After getting to know each other better, we share the same goals together.

Sinexcel saw Rolec’s passion for “zero emissions”. The team is professional, precise, efficient and always surprises us, Rolec’s record in EV is amazing, with a deep knowledge of the EV Charging business and always brings us new inspiration.

The Sinexcel and Rolec EV teams met in Boston to formally confirm what we had in mind for each other. Together, we will move forward to a new chapter.

We are proud to have such great partners. We are confident that working with Rolec will bring a lot of new changes to the EV Charging business in the UK/Europe.”

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