Mina and ev.energy bring EV Smart charging and financial savings to fleets

Friday, January 21, 2022 - 08:01
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Award-winning EV fleet payment specialist, Mina has integrated with home-charging software specialists ev.energy to further simplify EV charging for fleets, small businesses and sole traders.

Drivers on the Mina platform already have access to all of their charging data through the Mina Driver Portal. Now, leveraging ev.energy’s technology to track energy usage at home, Mina can allow their business drivers to automatically charge their company EVs when it’s cleanest and greenest according to the grid. This also includes the ability to track charging consumption, costs and carbon emissions by charging through a growing list of certified home chargers and 80% of EVs through in-vehicle telematics.

The partnership with ev.energy also provides Mina’s customers with the ability to access a holistic view of each driver’s charging data from the vehicle itself, giving drivers an unrivalled smart charging experience. Fleet managers will also benefit from market-leading insights into their vehicle charging behaviour.

Ashley Tate, CEO and Co-Founder, Mina commented: “The partnership with ev.energy forms a key part of Mina’s connected car technology strategy. By combining data from multiple sources, Mina is able to provide customers with ultimate assurances in accuracy, fraud prevention and driver experience.”

What’s more, with over 50,000 users now having downloaded the ev.energy app, fleet drivers on the Mina platform will have full access to the premium features available from the software provider, such as advanced charge scheduling to reduce their carbon footprint and precise charging criteria to protect the car battery.

Nick Wooley, CEO and Co-Founder of ev.energy said: Mina are building a fantastic business serving fleet managers, and we are delighted to support Mina’s fleet drivers to use ev.energy and unlock the benefits of smart charging. I’m excited to be working with Ash and the team to broaden the benefits of our joint services, helping fleet drivers charge using the greenest energy, and save with smart charging.”

Over 150 test users have already come forward to trial the early integration in February 2022 alongside the Indra Smart Pioneer. The service will be available to other fleets, small businesses, and sole traders from March 2022.

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