RED CEO Seb Goldin

RED backs calls for increased van driver training

RED Corporate Driver Training has backed calls from an influential road safety lobby for increased training requirements for van drivers.

The European Transport Safety Council has written to MEPs asking for an extension to the use of Certificates of Professional Competence (CPCs) to van drivers, creating a potential B+ category covering commercial vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes.

RED Corporate Driver Training CEO, Seb Goldin, said: “At a time when the UK Government is de-regulating several aspects of the commercial driver licensing system, it is vital that road safety is not simply ignored.

“While the ETSC’s proposals will not impact UK regulations directly, they are a positive step forward and recognition of the need to deal with the growing number of van drivers on the roads (up by 37% in the last decade to nearly 4.5 million vans).

“Also, the average age of a van on our roads is 8.9 years old, meaning it will lack many of the more modern safety features we now take for granted.

“We believe it is vital that drivers are given extensive training before being handed the keys to a van – there are so many aspects to consider, including safe loading and unloading, securing cargo, reversing, fatigue prevention, journey planning, adherence to traffic rules and the change to electric, too.

“We may no longer be in the EU, but massive strides were made in road safety when we were, and it would be a shame for all that hard work to go to waste through deregulation for deregulation’s sake.”

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