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Maserati continue to make inroads into UK corporate market

Monday, January 19, 2015 - 11:00
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The Ghibli has been turning a lot of heads lately

Leaselink deal allows Maserati to move to a central ordering function, allocating new vehicle orders to its 18 franchised dealers across the country

Italian prestige car-maker Maserati have selected Leaselink for all its dealers throughout the country in a bid to further increase its presence in the UK corporate market.

Under the terms of a new two year-contract, the introduction of Leaselink allows Maserati to move to a central ordering function to its network of 18 franchised dealers across the country.

This new approach offers a fresh approach into the way major contract hire and leasing and fleet management companies source new vehicles from motor manufacturers and dealers.

According to Graeme Jenkins, National Corporate Sales Manager of Maserati GB, the reason for setting up the system in this way was to provide a better overview of all new vehicle orders and greater transparency on where they were being delivered, in line with a new local supply policy. Commenting on the news, he said:
“Maserati firmly believes that our customers expect a complete, quality showroom experience in the handover of their new cars, at a dealership that is local to them and with whom they can then develop an ongoing relationship.

“We therefore wanted to see all new vehicle orders for ourselves and ensure that we could then allocate them to the most appropriate local dealership to that corporate customer. We gave Ebbon-Dacs a brief to design us a new bespoke distribution model using Leaselink as a hub that was completely in line with this local supply approach.”

Maserati has funded the introduction of the Leaselink e-procurement solution at all its dealer sites in the UK to ensure consistency across the network, and so there was no additional financial burden on the dealerships.

To ensure all the Maserati dealers fully understood how to use Leaselink, which is used to source and deliver around 140,000 vehicles a year, Ebbon-Dacs introduced a training program for all Maserati dealer staff across the network who would be using the system on a regular basis.

Maserati has seen orders increase substantially since the introduction of the new 3.0 litre V6 turbo-diesel Ghibli four door saloon in March last year, which gave the company its first major entry point into the UK corporate market.

The company is now forecasting continued growth in new vehicle orders in 2015 with sales predicted to increase from over 1,200 sold in 2014 to around 1,800 by the end of this year.

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