Car rentals on the rise with DRIIVEME

Friday, May 24, 2019 - 09:08
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UK manager of, Trevor Lambert

A new generation of tech-savvy drivers are turning away from traditional car ownership and instead embracing car rental and other on-demand car use services and that is great news for the likes of, which is offering car rental for £1.

Turning away from the unappealing costs of long-term vehicle ownership, with the ease and mobility of driving proving as popular as ever, a new wave of motorists is embracing new and economical ways to get behind the wheel. Indeed, Larry De Shon, the president and CEO of car rental company Avis Budget Group, stated that a new generation of drivers are turning away from traditional car ownership and instead embracing car rental, which is why is perfectly placed to meet that demand.

The new generation, it seems, are combining the service of £1 car rental with other car sharing apps such as to split the cost of journeys with fellow travellers. The resulting savings can be astonishing. As a comparison, one adult travelling from Edinburgh to London, booking a one-way advanced ticket would pay £161 on a train and £121 by plane. If the same adult booked a Hertz vehicle via, and then combined the journey with four like-minded travelers, the cost drops to £12.20 inclusive of fuel.

When compared side by side, the train costs 38p per mile, the plane costs 28p per mile and DriiveMe costs just over 2p per mile.

Launched in the UK in 2018, offers 24-hour rental of vehicles for just £1, by helping car rental companies balance their fleets between cities. connects cars that need to be moved with drivers that share the same destination and by saving the rental company money on the need for a vehicle transporter.

UK manager of, Trevor Lambert, said: “It’s brilliant that we are helping people to get behind the wheel of car at the lowest possible cost. If you can split the cost of a journey with friends or fellow travelers, then not only are you helping the environment by car sharing, but you are also saving your money as well.”

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