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Cyber security warning for fleets

Thursday, May 12, 2022 - 07:10
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According to government data, the cost of cyber crime to the UK is an estimated £27bn per annum. The fleet industry is not immune to the risk, and experts at Digital INNK are warning operators to ensure their digital platforms use the latest technology.

Cyber crime can include everything from IP theft to industrial espionage. On 1 May 2022 Sixt reported it had been the subject of cyber attack. The company, which operates 2,000 locations across 110 countries, managed to act quickly and contain it at an early stage.

While a recent government survey showed that in the last 12 months, 39% of UK businesses have identified a cyber attack.*

Cyber Hacker

Across the world, there are now nearly two billion internet users and over five billion mobile phone connections; every day, we send 294 billion emails and five billion SMS messages. Digital INNK warns each message is a risk, and communicating within more secure environments is advised.

Commenting on the issue, Angela Montacute, CEO of Digital INNK, said: “Cyber attacks bring operational issues and the risks of reputational and financial damage. Fleets should take action to ensure the digital platforms they use to interact with customers, suppliers and internally are secured with the latest technology.”

Digital INNK advises management teams to build a security culture throughout the company. All team members must be aware of security issues and be aware of their roles and responsibilities in preventing cyber-attacks. A review of technology can also ensure that software is built with security in mind.

Angela concluded: “To fight increasingly sophisticated criminals, fleets must do all they can to manage data through supply chains. Using the latest technology is essential to building security.  Utilising the features and architecture of subscription-based cloud services is one method to stay updated. These services deliver real-time updates and keep defences active and up to date.”


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