SOE extends Workshop Accreditation assessments

Thursday, July 26, 2018 - 09:03
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Transport Training Services (TTS), S&B Automotive Academy, Manchester College and Blyth Equipment all now have qualified auditors available for Workshop Accreditation (WA) assessments.

SOE has responded to demand from industry by training regional assessors to deliver full audits of workshops. In doing so, assessments can be booked and enacted quickly after IRTE identified locations in four areas throughout the UK which has the greatest demand for WA.

Such is the reliance on road transport for the economy in Ireland – north and south – a network of IRTE regional centres have been established to offer guidance and advice for engineering professionals. Now, industry professionals in the region can underpin their credentials through IRTE accreditation.

Martin Hutchinson, CEO at TTS, said: “Safer workshops are the priority. Whenever we hear of an accident in a workshop, we automatically think of what we can do to help prevent it. Most workshops now want to demonstrate best practice and would value the recognition for working to a high level.”

Operators and workshops in the east of England can now get local accreditation from Blyth Equipment, based in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. New centre assessor Michael Grant of Blyth Equipment believes that by making the audits more easily available, standards will continue to rise across the country.

Michael said: “We have had a lot of interest for both irtec and WA, particularly from local authorities and the fire and ambulance services. It is now part of the DVSA Earned Recognition scheme and is a factor in operator licence applications. As the industry becomes more competitive, it will become a requirement.”

IRTE is one of three professional sectors of the Society of Operations Engineers (SOE). Chief Operating Officer at SOE, Daniel Moir, said: “TTS are just one of several regional centres now able to independently assess for WA in the UK. In doing so, the society is making our sought-after accreditations more easily available, giving vehicle operators and independent workshops the opportunity to quickly and easily prove their credentials.”

Tutor at Manchester College, and irtec and WA assessor, Nigel Powley, said: “Many of the dealerships are booking accreditations because they know it can help qualify for the DVSA Earned Recognition scheme. With the introduction and success of the irtec licence, it means organisations are now looking inward, at how they are operating.”

In the west of England, S&B Automotive has qualified assessors ready to travel from its Bristol base. S&B CEO Phil Marsh said: “S&B are very proud to be able to offer the Work Shop Accreditation in partnership with the SOE. Workshop Accreditation gives quality assurance to operators, so their customers can be confident of their maintenance provision. Operators achieving the accreditation clearly demonstrates commitment to providing a high quality of service.”

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