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Bentley announces new European communications team

By Kyle Linsay
Friday, September 4, 2015 - 10:00

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Caren Jochner, Senior Communications Manager Europe, will continue to lead the team, which consists of Mona El-Mahdi, Communications Manager Europe West; the newly appointed Sebastian Michel, Communications Manager Europe Central; and Maddalena Manfredi, Communications Coordinator.

Sebastian Michel joined the team on September 1 from Daimler, where he was previously the press spokesperson within the Global Business Communications Department of Daimler Commercial Vehicles.

Caren Jochner, who joined Bentley two years ago, is responsible for overall European Communications operation, with a specific focus on Germany as a key player in the European market.

Andrew Roberts, Bentley’s Director of Communications, said: “With Sebastian Michel joining Caren Jochner’s talented team I have complete confidence that the media in all European markets will be well serviced. Europe is Bentley’s third largest market and with the forthcoming introduction of our Bentayga SUV, this truly is an exciting time for the Bentley brand.”


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