Bluetooth 3D setting the standard in car wheel alignment

Monday, October 5, 2020 - 07:14
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Supplied by the leading provider of wheel alignment equipment in the UK, Absolute Alignment’s Bluetooth 3D is setting the standard in performance car wheel alignment.

wheel alignmentEven as a standalone aligner in a busy general workshop the Bluetooth 3D has great flexibility and offers many benefits. The aligner does not have the traditional 3D ‘tower’ which leaves plenty of space in front of a ramp to allow for ADAS calibration equipment, a new profit centre.

The system is fully portable between ramps for increased flexibility in any workshop space, and enables garages to future proof their business – as more cars develop ADAS working on the rear axle, the Bluetooth 3D is one of very few aligners that can cope with the new technology.

Including vehicle registration look up and with a faster set up time, this aligner also increases productivity in a workshop.

Ultimately though it is when the aligner is used for performance and lowered cars that it really distances itself from the competition. For many years Absolute Alignment has been developing a network of performance and motor sport centres.

The Bluetooth 3D can align cars with much lower ride heights than traditional aligners, with the innovative demountable cameras looking underneath a car, neatly avoiding any spoilers. It has been a valuable purchase for many specialist workshops, and at a price pleasing accounts departments too.

Having been so successful, it is the Bluetooth 3D that has led the charge back to pre-COVID-19 sales levels for the Farnborough-based company, and there is more innovation to come this year.

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