BVLRA: Reasons to be EV cheerful…

The BVRLA has updated its Plug-in Pledge* forecast to reveal that by 2025 the vehicle rental, leasing and fleet industry will be registering 400,000 battery electric cars and vans each year – 80% of sales in the UK. Venson Automotive Solutions welcomes the news, applauding businesses that have put in motion their commitment to reducing emissions and urges others to follow suit. As demonstrated by the BVRLA revised forecast, the role that fleet managers have to play in accelerating the phasing out of traditionally fuelled vehicles in order to meet the Government’s target of zero net emissions by 2035 is key, says Venson.

BVRLAFollowing the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, driving habits and patterns in the UK are likely to change permanently and include the possible resurgence in the take up of company cars. Fleet managers, whilst undoubtedly facing new challenges also have the potential to change the way their business approaches employee travel, with a shift to electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

When making plans Venson recommends that fleet managers take time to analyse how company vehicles are used and driven. With incentives in place for electric vehicles it is important to also consider the whole-life costs and total cost of ownership of EVs compared to petrol and diesel alternatives.

Recent research from the AA** has shown that nearly half of drivers (47%) will consider buying an electric vehicle when they next change their car. To capitalise on this appetite, businesses should ensure that company car drivers understand fully the personal and financial benefits of opting for an EV.

Alison Bell, Marketing Director at Venson commented; “The BVRLA’s upgrade of its forecast for the adoption of electric and plug-in hybrid cars is hugely encouraging. It demonstrates that the vehicle rental, leasing and fleet industry has a very important role to play in the gathering momentum towards cleaner and greener vehicles.

For some organisations, the UK Government’s target of zero net emissions by 2035 is only two or three vehicle buying cycles away. Employee buy-in is crucial, so businesses need to begin the education process now to ensure their staff are on board sooner rather than later.”

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