What new-car buyers really want – Carwow survey results

Friday, July 24, 2015 - 16:00
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Carwow – the UK’s largest new-car buying platform – has conducted a national survey to discover the top 10 most important considerations of new car buyers.

Carwow data shows that August is the busiest research month for car buyers in the UK, ahead of new registrations in September. The survey, of UK-based Google users, shows that the top 10 most important considerations are:

1.   Price
2.   Fuel economy
3.   Colour
4.   Insurance grouping and cost
5.   Safety
6.   Performance
7.   Manufacturer
8.   Size
9.   Quality
10. Engine size

James Hind, carwow CEO, said: “carwow is a business built on putting buyers first, by empowering customers with all the information they need before they buy a car. This is why we conducted the survey – to make sure we are providing the buyers with exactly what they want.  We were most surprised to discover that performance, brand and design fall someway down the list of top considerations.

He added: “Colour, on the other hand, which barely gets a mention in traditional car reviews, is actually the third most important thing for new-car buyers. This is the kind of information used to make carwow as absolutely up to date and relevant for our customers, particularly in this most busy period for new car buyers.”

Following the new survey results, carwow will launch a New-Car Buyers’ Car of the Year awards. Based on the top 10 buyer considerations revealed in this survey, the new awards will counter the traditional assessments based on performance and design, to become a true buyer-empowered list of the cars that really deliver what new-car buyers want. More details will be announced later in the year.

With carwow, buying a new car is as easy and hassle-free as it should be – car dealers compete over buyers, offering consumers the car they configure at a great price. And because carwow only works with the best-rated dealers in Britain, the customer experience comes with satisfaction guaranteed. With more than £300m in car sales through the platform so far, and buyers making savings totalling over £40m, (on average £3,600 per car), both car retailers and consumers are benefitting from the carwow revolution.

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