New tool for fleet managers to find best fuel economy

Airmax Remote, one of the UK’s leading providers of telematics solutions to fleet management companies, today revealed the results of data collected by Airmax Remote’s technology that enables Fleet Managers to view accurate MPG data and make informed choices about which fuels deliver the best optimum performance over different distances.

Different fuels have different optimal MPG figures, which are influenced by factors that include driver behaviour, the use of air-con and the weight of the vehicle. The gap between the fuel economies a driver obtains in the real world and the official figures that car manufacturers quote can sometimes be up to 40%.

With the price of fuel continuing to rise, in addition to the wider availability of different fuel types such as electric vehicles (EV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV), it’s imperative that Fleet Managers have access to technology providing accurate MPG data that can provide them with information to make a more informed choice about which vehicle and fuel type provides the best economy for their fleet.

Throughout September, 2018 Airmax Remote analysed data relating to the performance of three different fuel types (diesel, PHEV and petrol) used by three executive saloon cars over three different distances (200 miles, 20 miles and 3 miles) to determine which fuel provides the best economy (see below).


Fuel type Distance Ave MPG MPG Range
PHEV 200 Miles 45.9 34.1 – 60.4
Petrol 200 Miles 61 56 – 72
Diesel 200 Miles 61.7 46 – 110
PHEV 20 Miles 37.6 18.2 – 50.9
Petrol 20 Miles 36.9 24.1 – 56.3
Diesel 20 Miles 44.1 14,7 – 75.1
PHEV 3 Miles 24.5 9.8 – 82.8
Petrol 3 Miles 24.3 4.8 – 50.5
Diesel 3 Miles 29.2 4.1 – 67.6

By analysing the data delivered by Airmax Remote, Fleet Managers are better empowered when it comes to deciding which vehicles are the best economically based on distance and mpg. Interestingly, the Airmax Remote analysis reveals that as the trip length reduces, PHEV improves, both in terms of the relative mpg performance – overtaking petrol and closing the gap on diesel in terms of pure mpg average, however over longer distances, diesel still presents the most cost-effective fuel choice.

Commenting on the analysis, Dan Faulkner, Head of Sales at Airmax Remote comments: “The data obtained by Airmax Remote’s technology delivers incredible insight and visibility for Fleet Managers and businesses, giving them the ability to better understand their fleet and deliver cost savings. Our findings help support the idea that fleet choice and policy should be flexible around the needs and profile of the fleet and even individuals within a fleet rather than a one size fits all approach.” Dan Faulkner concludes: “Fuel costs are a large portion of a fleet’s spend, and we know Fleet Providers and Fleet Managers are constantly looking at ways to reduce or manage this spend. Having the availability of accurate data is key to making informed choices.”

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