Jaama shines the light on cutting-edge fleet management solutions

Tuesday, August 13, 2019 - 08:16
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Martin Evans, managing director of Jaama

Jaama, the UK’s leading fleet and asset management software solution provider, will be highlighting major enhancements to its industry-leading Key2 system at this year’s Emergency Services Show, which will enable fleet operators to make their operations more robust and efficient.

More than 50% of Key2 systems sold by Jaama last year were to public sector fleets, including ‘blue light’ organisations, and that trend is continuing in 2019.

Many ‘blue light’ organisations across the police, fire and rescue and ambulance sectors are continuing to merge their back office functions to reduce costs and take a collaborative approach as they streamline operating efficiencies therefore, Jaama is witnessing a ‘spend to save’ trend across those fleets.

Martin Evans, managing director of Jaama, said: “Sophisticated online fleet management solutions deliver a cost benefit return relatively quickly after implementation. Emergency service organisations now recognise that if they streamline frontline services they must also focus on enhancing back office efficiencies and that includes replacing inefficient outdated systems.

“Consequently, ‘blue light;’ fleets that adopt a ‘spend to save’ philosophy are reaping significantly enhanced benefits by installing a new solution fit for the 21st century rather than attempting to modernise outdated systems.”

‘Blue light’ fleets that already use Key2 include British Transport Police, City of London Police, Devon and Cornwall Police and South East Coast Ambulance Service.

Critically Jaama is being rewarded for the investment of some £2.6 million a year in ensuring that Key2 continues to evolve alongside the requirements of their customers and prospects. Jaama’s unique system upgrade strategy means that Key2 users automatically benefit from system enhancements as they are included in their annual user fee, which is a major benefit as it helps with fleets with budgeting.

Mr Evans said: “Many of our business wins are secured as fleets seek mechanisms to reduce manual intervention as much as possible and ditch outdated systems from suppliers that have failed to invest in their products. Meanwhile, system enhancements – developed with customer assistance – ensure established clients remain loyal.”

Taking place at the NEC, Birmingham, on September 18 and 19, a key focus of The Emergency Services Show 2019, is how emerging technologies are improving the efficiency and operational effectiveness of emergency response.

Consequently, Jaama is previewing its revolutionary Maintenance Exchange platform, which will be officially launched during the end of 2019. It will revolutionise the way information is exchanged between fleet management companies, maintenance providers and end-user fleets.

Connecting with Key2 or interfacing with other third party systems, Maintenance Exchange is an ‘end to end’ system which allows seamless booking, authorisation, invoicing and auditing of vehicle maintenance work thereby significantly reducing the administrative burden of manual processes making it another step from Jaama towards paperless asset management.

Jaama will also be showing off to visitors its award-winning ‘MyVehicle App’, which in recent months has seen multiple functionality enhancements around defect management, driver compliance and accident management all designed to reduce fleet administration.

Mr Evans concluded: “The fleet industry is continually evolving and so is Jaama. A fleet’s chosen software provider must be able to deliver a highly sophisticated, modern, online system, and be fully focused on continuous functionality improvements and providing an excellent customer experience. That remains Jaama’s goal in 2019 and beyond.”

  • Jaama is exhibiting on stand E14 at the Emergency Services Show 2019.

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