EE helps SMEs perform better on the road

Thursday, November 8, 2018 - 08:44
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EE, part of the BT Group, has launched its first Connected Cars service for the five million small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK who may rely on a fleet of vehicles to run their business. EE Auto Mate gives SMEs more control over their vehicles by tracking their location, performance and driving patterns – boosting productivity and safety while reducing fleet running costs.

The service works by simply plugging the compact EE Auto Mate device into a compatible vehicle. This collects a vast array of telematics and diagnostics data from the vehicle, ranging from overall health and fuel efficiency to location, speed and traffic routes. This information is then interpreted by a big data platform and relayed back to the driver or fleet manager via the Auto Mate app or an online portal, which have comprehensive levels of security built in.

EE Auto Mate costs £11 per month, per vehicle, with a £49 up-front charge, as part of a 24 month offer.

The new service forms part of the Internet of Things (IoT) strategy which sits within BT’s Enterprise unit, with the business focusing on intelligent connectivity solutions for the retail, transport, logistics and utilities markets.

Chris Sims, MD of Strategy, Marketing and Digital, BT Enterprise, said: “EE Auto Mate forms part of our plan to create faster, safer, smarter businesses – underpinned by the Internet of Things and the best fixed and mobile network in the UK.

“We’re helping SMEs improve their bottom line performance by harnessing and interpreting fleet data, empowering them to make better decisions about their business.

We believe that companies such as couriers, hauliers, estate agents, plumbers and electricians will find the service really appealing.”

EE Auto Mate allows fleet managers to monitor the performance of their vehicles 24/7, maximising time on the road by alerting managers to common vehicle faults which need fixing. And by tracking the location of vehicles, planning routes in real-time and staying in touch with drivers on the road, fleet managers can allocate jobs to the nearest driver and ensure the faster delivery of goods or personnel to the customer’s location. This results in a more productive workforce and better outcomes for customers.

By monitoring driving behaviour, the service also boosts safety and driver wellbeing while reducing the risk of accidents. Data relating to the vehicle’s speed and braking patterns are fed back to the driver and their manager, with the service dispensing driving tips to encourage better standards of driving. And if the built-in sensors detect that the vehicle has been involved in an accident, the service will automatically alert the fleet manager. EE is also planning a future enhancement to this service where the emergency services will automatically be contacted in the event of an incident.

SMEs can also stay up to date with important maintenance, with EE Auto Mate alerting the user when the vehicle is due for a service or MOT and reminding drivers if the road tax needs renewing. EE Auto Mate also helps drivers to better manage their expenses by producing automated mileage reports.

The service is available to buy through the EE business sales team by calling 150 for free from an EE mobile device, or you can call free on 0800 956 6259 from a landline. For more information about EE Auto Mate, visit

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