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First Hydrogen hires EDAG Group to design z...

Dec 20, 2022Comments off

First Hydrogen is pleased to announce it has selected EDAG Group (EDAG) as its design styling partner for its next generation of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCEVs).

First Hydrogen begin performance tests in B...

Nov 17, 2022Comments off

The First Hydrogen fuel cell-powered vans (FCEV) have commenced performance tests at the HORIBA MIRA Proving Ground, located near Birmingham, UK. These track tests will confirm the safety

First Hydrogen vans receive road certificat...

Oct 17, 2022Comments off

First Hydrogen, automotive and energy developer, is pleased to announce that its first zero emission light commercial vehicles (LCVs) have been certified legal on British

First Hydrogen Demonstrator

First Hydrogen vehicles complete first comm...

Aug 22, 2022Comments off

First Hydrogen, the developer of zero emission vehicles and green hydrogen production facilities, confirms that its two demonstrator vehicles have successfully completed initial commissioning trials. The

First Hydrogen

First Hydrogen vans to begin testing next m...

May 30, 2022Comments off

First Hydrogen has said its fuel cell-powered demonstrator vans with an estimated range of 310 miles will begin operational testing next month. The MAN TGE-based

Hydrogen fuel cell and a MAN van

First Hydrogen’s green hydrogen van t...

Mar 18, 2022Comments off

First Hydrogen is pleased to report on the progress of its two demonstrator FCEV vehicles as part of its partnerships with Ballard Power Systems Inc. and AVL

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First Hydrogen and Cambridge University sig...

Feb 21, 2022Comments off

First Hydrogen has entered into a Research and Collaboration Agreement with the University of Cambridge, UK. The leading designer and manufacturer of zero-emissions, hydrogen-powered utility vehicles