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Mercedes-Benz launches WorkReady truck range

Mercedes Benz Actros StreamSpace

Mercedes-Benz Trucks has launched a new and used truck programme called WorkReady, to supply rigid and articulated vehicles that are designed for specific jobs, ready-bodied and ‘off the shelf’.

It brings together a range of pre-bodied new chassis and approved used vehicles, supported by a selection of demonstrators, which allow customers to test them in advance.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks UK Marketing Communications Manager, Ben Grayson, said: “WorkReady is aimed at operators who, for any one of a multitude of reasons, may not have the time to acquire a vehicle in the conventional way.

“The process of ordering the base chassis from a dealer and then, when it arrives in the UK, waiting for one or more third-party suppliers to build the body and, potentially, add ancillaries or undertake further modifications, can take months.

“For some, that’s just not an option. If they’re faced with an urgent business requirement, WorkReady can provide the answer.”

WorkReady trucks currently available include Actros StreamSpace and BigSpace tractor units, as well as Actros1 models with GigaSpace cabs.

Rigid models, based on the Arocs, include 8×4 construction trucks with tipping bodies, tipper-grabs and hookloaders, along with skiploaders and box bodies.

Vehicles are all under seven years old and have covered less than 700,000km (almost 500,000 miles). They come with a minimum of six months’ MoT, as well as six months’ mechanical breakdown insurance.

Grayson said: “Most customers will continue to order their chassis from the factory, then get them built or converted by a bodybuilder, and one or more other parties. However, given the time these processes take, some operators will be better served by a WorkReady vehicle.”

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