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Belfast’s first ever car club launches at new enterprise branch

Wednesday, April 10, 2019 - 10:11
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Savanna Daly, management trainee, and Christopher McAllister, Belfast branch manager.

A new way of getting behind the wheel has been introduced in Belfast that allows anyone 19 years or older to hire a large selection of vehicles from Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s branch. Customers who join Enterprise Car Club can access a vehicle 24/7, 365 days a year by booking via the mobile app and picking up the vehicle using their smartphone, even when the branch is closed.

The service means that the Boucher Road branch is the first location in Belfast to offer hourly and daily self-service rental through Enterprise Car Club, with five vehicles now based on-site. The two vans are Ford Transits, and the three cars include a hybrid Toyota C-HR, Toyota Auris, and a Ford Fiesta.

The car club service is offered alongside rental of cars and vans for daily, replacement and long-term hire. Customers can hire the vehicles for any length of time, from as little as an hour to longer periods of over a day, with the flexibility of collecting and returning it when it suits them. Fees for the car club vehicles start from as little as £4.50 an hour or £25 a day.

Conveniently located at Boucher Road, customers can pick up a car or van and head off to locations outside Belfast without driving through the congested city centre. The branch is also located just a few moments away from Balmoral train station, meaning those travelling there can easily carry on their journey with a car club vehicle.

The automated rental service is available to both local residents and businesses. The cars are useful for a wide range of journeys, and customers regularly ask for more access to vans for deliveries and removals, particularly at weekends. Enterprise is planning to offer more vehicles for hourly, on-demand rental over the coming months.

Diane Mulholland, General Manager of Enterprise Rent-A-Car in Northern Ireland

Diane Mulholland, General Manager of Enterprise Rent-A-Car in Northern Ireland, said: “We are very excited to be introducing hourly rental through Enterprise Car Club at our new Boucher Road site. This is an exciting innovation, and something that our customers have told us will make a huge difference to our service as they can book and pick up the vehicles whenever they want, even when the branch is closed.

“The new Boucher Road branch is part of a network of six locations in and around Belfast, including branches at the Belfast City and International Airports. It is conveniently located, and provides easy access for anyone needing a car or a van without going near the city centre where there is more likely to be congestion.”

In addition to renting vehicles in Belfast, Enterprise Car Club members can also access the UK’s most extensive car club network of 1,100 vehicles parked on street in more than 130 cities and communities across England, Scotland and Wales. Many Enterprise Car Club vehicles are located at transport hubs or railway stations to make it easier to travel around the UK.

Enterprise Car Club membership is available to anyone 19 years or older and costs from £2 per month or £20 per year. Vehicles are available from £4.50 per hour including VAT and 21p per mile.

Boucher Road offers one of the most concentrated dealership networks in the UK, where every make and model of car dealer is represented, meaning Enterprise can also provide replacement vehicles to motorists dropping their cars in for a service or repair. With a wide range of makes and models available for daily rental, customers can pick up a vehicle that exactly matches their own, next door to where their car is being looked after.

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