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LCV Leasing offers vans from the back of a lorry

Monday, December 16, 2019 - 10:59
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There was a time when anything sold ‘from the back of a lorry’ was a synonym for illegally obtained ‘knocked off’ goods.

But a van leasing firm is offering totally legitimate deals from the back of a lorry.

LCV Leasing

LCV Leasing.com is advertising is van leasing deals from the back of a lorry in the company’s local catchment area.

With the tagline ‘Van deals by the truckload’, Hertfordshire based leasing provider, LCV Leasing.com, is advertising incredible van leasing deals on the back of a lorry.

The innovative advertising programme has been devised by Driven Media – a company which appeared on Dragons’ Den and won backing from one of the Dragons. Driven Media turns commercial trucks into mobile billboards, using a digitally printed full colour premium vinyl wrap, and claims that each trailer is seen by 55,000 people each day.

Stuart Gazeley, sales director at LCV Leasing.com, said: “We wanted to raise our profile in the local business area around our Hemel Hempstead base. The lorry carrying our marketing message only moves around the Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire county areas so it really helps promote our brand, just where you might not expect it – on the back of a lorry!”

A GPS tracker inside the cab tracks the mobile billboard and how many miles it has covered with the LCV Leasing.com message. Driven Media says that on average its trucks travel 150 miles per day.

Ed Hollands, managing director and founder of Driven Media, added: “Truck advertising is very simple. It uses a medium that reaches people when they are most responsive to advertising because they cannot do anything other than drive. The results are high impact campaigns with a 97% recall rate.”

Gazely added: “With the General Election last week ending three years of uncertainty and an immediate recovery of the pound on the markets, we are expecting LCVs to be in demand in 2020 as UK business owners and the trades look to build on a result that has finally brought some stability and certainty back into the economy.”

The LCV Leasing.com (https://www.lcvleasing.com) programme will run for 12 months.

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