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Monday, July 13, 2020 - 10:13
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CarVeto takes pride in being the leading car check database that has saved several car buyers from making regrettable buying decisions, whether regarding the price of the vehicle, the performance expectations, or the legality of the vehicle in question. In particular, their database offers motorists assurances around previous vehicle theft, major accident damage, finance outstanding and hidden mileage issues.

CarVetoServing private owners and car buyers across the United Kingdom, the online platform has updated its offering to bring a more detailed report to interested buyers who go through the platform’s database to check the vehicle in question.

Describing the service as well as the expanded report offered, the company representative for CarVeto said: “CarVeto is a car checking service that blocks your decision to buy a used vehicle until it has passed our background history check. We gather our data from Experian, Police, MIAFTR, VIC, VCA, DVLA, and other sources. Each time a vehicle registration is entered we search and return all available data.”

With the expanded information offered, the Vehicle Check platform will now be offering detailed information on what makes up a failed CarVeto check result.

The expanded information will now offer clients and visitors information on whether the car is a stolen vehicle as flagged by the police marker database or the Motor Insurance Anti-Fraud and Theft Register database.

Added to this, the report will also contain information on whether or not the vehicle has been involved in a major accident that has resulted in an insurance category loss or whether the vehicle has ever been recorded as scrapped or unscrapped.

Interested buyers will also be able to access information on whether or not the vehicle has been Vehicle Identity Check (VIC) inspected or not.

The CarVeto website will also warn buyers against making a buying decision based on information extracted. Some of the information that makes up the warning check includes outstanding finance agreements, export information, import information, plate changes, and mileage issues. Users whose vehicles do not come up with either of the failed or warning results are regarded to have passed the inspection, cleaning the vehicle.

Visitors will also be able to access resources that have been put together to help them better navigate the website. Some of the resources offered on the vehicle check platform include; “Things To Know Before Getting A Carveto Vehicle Check,” “Defining Outstanding Finance Checks,” “CarVeto Car Check Notes,” and more.

UK Motorists also benefit from a complimentary used car buyers guide included with each Platinum car check.

CarVeto is headquartered at 13 Harbury Road, Henleaze, Bristol, Avon BS9 4PN United Kingdom and can be reached via email at For vehicle checks, visit the online platform.

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