Vodafone Business and Geotab join forces

Vodafone Business, a global leader in IoT with more than 85m connected devices worldwide, and Geotab, one of the most innovative fleet management companies with a global reach across seven continents, have announced today a strategic collaboration agreement.

The agreement combines Vodafone’s automotive connectivity and service delivery capabilities and its leadership in vehicle safety and security, with Geotab’s advanced open fleet telematics platform to create Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics. Under the agreement, Geotab will also benefit from Vodafone Automotive’s expertise in device manufacturing.

The focus of fleet management is shifting in that there is an increased requirement for and emphasis on the care that companies have and provide for their employees. With Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics, customers can access vehicle data and gain actionable insights from the analysis of this data to monitor and enhance the safety, performance and security of their drivers.

Another trend in fleet management is the rise of shared mobility, where companies share their fleet as rentals to the public or other businesses when not in use by their business. Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics has the potential to open-up new revenue streams for fleet management businesses as shared mobility becomes more widespread. This has possibilities for fleet in a range of sectors, such as car-rental and leasing, construction and heavy equipment management.  Having a connected and monitored fleet where the analysed data can show how, where, when and by whom a vehicle was used is critical to making this flexible business model work.

Gion Baker, CEO, Vodafone Automotive, said: “Creating safer and smarter mobility for people everywhere is a shared vision for Vodafone Automotive and Geotab. By working together, we will not only support our customers in boosting the efficiency and safety of their vehicles, but will also help introduce new and sustainable mobility models.”

Neil Cawse, CEO, Geotab, commented: “Together, as we continue to invest in electric vehicles, big data and connected vehicle solutions, we believe this partnership helps to deliver a complete solution by combining the strengths of each organisation to benefit customers and society.”

Edward Kulperger, VP Europe, Geotab, added: “We believe Vodafone’s brand, reach and experience in telematics combined with Geotab’s engineering and open platform technology will accelerate the adoption of fleet and mobility services.”

Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics will launch in all European markets currently served by Vodafone Automotive, starting with: France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the UK.

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