Licence Check reveals upgrades for its cloud-based DAVIS solution

Wednesday, March 27, 2019 - 08:51
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Richard Brown

Licence Check, the UK’s fastest growing provider of fleet licence checking and compliance services, has announced new upgrades for its cloud-based Driver and Vehicle Information Solution brand, DAVIS, including accident recording, enhanced licence checking and improved security.

The new releases, which have been timed to coincide with the opening of the Commercial Vehicle Show on April 30, bring important new functionality to DAVIS, which automates and streamlines driver and vehicle compliance management and addresses duty of care.

DAVIS was enhanced last October with the launch of Fleet File, providing users with a database for managing their fleet vehicles, including company cars and pool vehicles, and storing all relevant vehicle information, including age, tax, MOT and CO2 emissions.  It also allows users to upload business-critical documents such as fleet insurance policies and driver handbooks.

Now, from next month, a new accident recording feature will allow Fleet File users to document accidents against a specific vehicle and a named driver to provide greater insight into the most at-risk drivers as part of an ongoing risk management process.

The new accident management function records date, time and location of the accident and provides enhanced dashboard reporting to include recent accidents and accident severity. It also issues reminders for open accidents and outstanding issues, as well as providing an upload facility for images of vehicle damage. It also carries insurance claim details and has the ability to assign accidents to a named driver.

At the same time, the award-winning Driver Risk Score feature within DAVIS has been reconfigured to calculate the associated risk of a particular accident so that a driver’s individual risk score is automatically updated.

Richard Brown, director of sales at Licence Check, now part of online solutions provider, Ebbon-Dacs, said: “By recording accidents and assigning them to individual drivers in our new accident management functionality within Fleet File, fleet managers’ view of driver risk is further enhanced, providing greater insight into those drivers at most risk.”

In terms of enhanced licence checking, company car drivers now have the ability within a nominated driver function within DAVIS to add their spouses or partners to the licence checking system rather than relying on system administrators, using a reduced number of steps. This has the effect of cutting down on workload and making the process of adding familial drivers much simpler and more efficient.

At the same time, security within DAVIS has been further enhanced, thanks to a new two-factor authentication system that requires a secondary security process after logging on. The new optional feature, which has been developed in response to client requests, will issue users with a pin number via text message as the second identity check each time they log in, providing a greater level of security for the clients that require it

Richard Brown added: “It has been particularly rewarding to work on these important new releases for DAVIS, as we know from client research that they will have a positive impact on improving efficiency and transparency when managing driver and vehicle compliance. We look forward to providing more details to visitors at the Commercial Vehicle Show. “

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