How to save up to 25% in fuel costs

Thursday, November 15, 2018 - 09:38
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We all know how expensive it is to fill our company car or van up and how regularly we spend our time in a fuel station in order to get from A to B. But there are ways that fuel savings can be made by using technology, that will also save time.

How can a GPS tracker save fuel costs?

Installing a GPS tracker to a vehicle can bring many savings to a company, especially in terms of fuel savings.

Firstly, when a driver is aware that a tracker is installed to their vehicle, they become more mindful of their driving style, and tend to drive safer, with less braking and slower speeds. Some vehicle trackers provide speeding reports, whereby the fleet manager is able to set a speed that they do not want their drivers to exceed, and will receive notifications if this speed is surpassed. This therefore limits the speed at which employees drive at, in turn reducing the number of times the vehicle needs filling up with fuel, in turn reducing fuel costs.

Secondly, as the employees know that the GPS tracker installed into their vehicle is monitoring their trips, it makes the driver’s aware of how often they need to fill up their vehicles at petrol stations, meaning that there will be less cases where employees try to cheat the system, in turn creating further savings. In addition to this, the fleet manager is able to inform their drivers where the traffic is, providing them with an alternative direction, saving on fuel even further.

Gain full control over vehicles

It can be complicated to keep control of multiple vehicles within a fleet, and ensuring that every vehicle is monitored properly. GPS vehicle trackers are effective at enabling the fleet manager to gain more control over their fleet by using a live map, to see where the vehicles are at any point in time. The fleet manager will see savings from this as well as being able to check mileage records, and to reduce abnormal trips such as out of hours trips.

Chris Miller, Country Manager of ABAX UK said: “Many of our clients are business owners, who use the system as part of their daily routine, to assist with fleet management. The ABAX system enables them to manage their vehicles in the most effective way to create savings. They save on fuel thanks to the ability of monitoring the traffic, analysing routes used and reducing unauthorised use. The live map shows them exactly where their drivers are and allows the company to react in the most efficient way with regards to incoming customer enquiries.”

More and more companies implement GPS trackers

Although some companies have doubts about installing GPS trackers to their fleet of vehicles, for reasons such as ‘big brother’ and employee monitoring, having a GPS tracker installed to a vehicle brings many benefits to organisations that should not be overlooked. One of these benefits being an increase in efficiencies.

Spencer Parkin, Purchasing Director at Shepshed Autospares said: ‘‘ABAX were so insistent they could save me money on my fleet of vehicles that we invoiced them £100 for an hour of our time to give them an opportunity to see if they could do what they said they could do. We promised them we would reimburse them the £100 if we agreed they could save us what they promised on our fleet”

 Spencer Parkin, Purchasing Director at Shepshed Autospares said: “Throughout our business we now recognise that the ABAX Triplog saves us in the region of 20 to 25% on our fuel costs and efficiencies on our transport operations. I would highly recommend this system to anyone. We have now been using the ABAX Triplog for 2 years and we were instantly sold on the system.”

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