First Bus improve customer experience with on-bus marketing refresh

Friday, November 9, 2018 - 09:26
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First Bus is committed to driving change within the bus industry and as part of this campaign has changed the use of the messaging space inside its buses in West Yorkshire to help improve the on-board experience and to provide more useful information to its customers.

First Bus was keen to increase spontaneous awareness of its key messages amongst existing customers and therefore launched a trial in West Yorkshire to refresh all the on-bus marketing messages. Following this successful trial that made the buses more welcoming and included more helpful, relevant and appealing messages to customers, this style has been rolled out across all West Yorkshire vehicles.

The new on-bus messages used in the trial highlight; the great value for money tickets available, the First Bus Travel app and key destinations available to visit in the region by bus. Customer feedback received on the on-bus changes has been positive and spontaneous awareness of key messages and overall satisfaction with the on-bus journey, has increased.

Speaking about the project, Ros Burrows, Divisional Marketing Manager at First Bus, said: “Prior to the trial we had noticed inconsistencies with the on-bus marketing across the business and we therefore wanted to launch a trial campaign to refresh the messages and to measure the effectiveness of this. The results from West Yorkshire have been very positive and we’re now considering opportunities to roll this campaign out across the wider First Bus businesses.”

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