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New VN5 wins Best Medium EV Van of the Year

Jan 06, 20211 Comment

The new VN5 electric van from LEVC (London Electric Vehicle Company) has won its second award just months after its launch, claiming the title today

Brexit Trade Deal

‘Thin’ Brexit trade deal leaves...

Jan 05, 2021No Comments

The new, “thin” Brexit trade deal that is now in effect leaves many unanswered questions that could have serious implications for the UK motor industry,

Catalytic converter

Catalytic converter: Worth more than gold!

Jan 05, 2021No Comments

Catalytic converter thefts are on the rise across Britain with organised criminals hacking the emissions-reducing devices to steal the expensive precious metals contained inside while they


BPA welcomes Brexit deal but warns of impac...

Dec 31, 2020No Comments

Responding to the news that the EU and the UK had reached an outline agreement on a future post Brexit deal the British Ports Association

Stranded Trucks

Thousands of virus-stranded trucks depart D...

Dec 28, 2020No Comments

More than 4,500 lorries, among a huge backlog of stranded trucks for days in the British port of Dover, crossed the Channel on Friday after


SEAT partners CALM to add mental health ‘...

Dec 17, 2020Comments off

A mental health ‘SOS’ has been added to SEAT cars after nine in 10* Britons say they ‘go for a drive’ to help their mental

ghost markings

Vanishing act for ghost markings

Dec 17, 2020Comments off

An end to confusing ‘ghost markings’ on roads could soon be in sight following a competition launched by Highways England to tackle the worldwide issue. signs key partnership with...

Dec 16, 2020Comments off

Vehicle charging giant bp pulse has chosen to be its first media partner following its relaunch, taking both brands forward to help consumers who

electric trucks

Economics of electric trucks remain an adop...

Dec 15, 2020Comments off

The economics of operating heavy-duty electric trucks remains behind their diesel-fuelled counterparts but is improving, according to an analysis in the USA by Goldman Sachs

Ford Trends Report

2021 Ford Trends Report finds consumers res...

Dec 15, 2020Comments off

2020 has been a year no one saw coming. COVID-19 has wrought economic, political and emotional chaos, testing the limits of individuals, families, healthcare systems

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