Carriage Repairs

ALARM bells still ringing for local roads

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More than half of the local road network in England and Wales is reported to have less than 15 years’ structural life left as the

Cracked road surface

Anger at poor state of roads reaches a new ...

Oct 30, 2023Comments off

Frustration over the poor state of the UK’s local roads has reached its highest level in nine years. In the RAC’s annual Report on Motoring*,

New weather stations to help get England’...

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With winter approaching, National Highways is investing £15.4m in a new state-of-the-art network of weather stations, including supporting infrastructure, that will provide real-time data of

RAC: Desperate state of UK roads highlighte...

Apr 20, 2021Comments off

Despite a national coronavirus lockdown, RAC patrols went to the aid of a staggering 4,694 drivers who had most likely broken down as a result

Quietest Easter on the roads in at least ei...

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Drivers are planning just 5.6m trips by car to see friends and family this Easter when Covid restrictions allow, the lowest number since the RAC

Researchers set out to improve driver behav...

Dec 14, 2020Comments off

A new research project has highlighted a number of ‘subtle changes’ that can nudge road users to behave more safely – without them being aware

Government funds 93 new gritters

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The Government has  invested over £16m to help Highways England roll out ninety three brand-new gritters for use this winter, ensuring traffic can continue to move smoothly

Government considers road pricing

Nov 16, 2020Comments off

Following reports in The Times that the Treasury is considering introducing road pricing to plug the budget shortfall as the nation switches to electric cars,

Robotic ‘pothole police’ innovator to r...

Nov 05, 2020Comments off

University spin out, Robotiz3d, is to begin developing the world’s first autonomous robot to patrol the streets in search of potholes, following successful private investment.

Keeping roadsides up to speed with vehicle ...

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Roadworks of some form are encountered by many road-users daily. Despite being a cause of frustration and disruption to transport networks, they are an absolute