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Campaign for harsher penalties on those who...

Nov 28, 2022Comments off

Driving instructors from up and down the UK are backing a nationwide campaign which aims to impose harsher penalties on road users who abuse learner

Young drivers are concerned at cost of EVs

Sep 09, 2022Comments off

A new study into EV adoption in the UK, published today on World EV Day by a consortium of the UK’s leading automotive experts, has revealed that

Car Share

Young people don’t want to own cars

May 12, 2022Comments off

Most OEMs are working overtime to develop and produce EVs ahead of the future ban on combustion engine vehicles, with the number of electric cars,

Parking sensors

Parking sensors top the list for young driv...

Nov 11, 2021Comments off

When young drivers consider the best gadgets to have on their next car, it is great to see safety concerns are at the top of


THINK! delivers passionate team talk to you...

Jun 28, 2021Comments off

THINK! has teamed up with Radio One DJ Chris Stark and the County Football Association to deliver a passionate team talk to young drivers. The

Teenage driving

Teenage driving risk of death underestimate...

Jun 07, 2021Comments off

Eight in ten drivers (86%) underestimate the risk driving poses to teenagers, with just one in six (14%) saying they believe it is the greatest

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Rural roads ‘pose a specific and signific...

May 24, 2021Comments off

Research from the AA Charitable Trust shows 71% of fatal car crashes involving young drivers take place on rural roads. The research, funded by the

Truck Drivers

Young people won’t drive trucks even ...

Feb 09, 2021Comments off

The UK is facing a shortage of 76,000 thousand drivers, despite the wages being higher than the UK average and jobs being waiting. Mark Hall

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‘Be the mate who won’t speed’...

Feb 01, 2021Comments off

A new THINK! campaign urges young drivers on essential journeys to ‘be the mate who won’t speed’ to keep themselves and others safe on the

GDL: ‘the only evidenced approach to sign...

Nov 09, 2020Comments off

A highly respected road safety academic has strongly criticised the ongoing Transport Committee young driver inquiry, describing it as ‘not an impartial review’. Dr Neale