The World Cup for vehicle glass repair and replacement takes place in Germany

Thursday, June 21, 2018 - 13:42
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A particularly unconventional competition will be held as part of a major event in Germany this summer: the World Cup for vehicle glass repair and replacement.

The biennial event was first hosted in 2000 by Belron®, the world leader in glass repair and replacement and parent company of Autoglass®. This year’s event will see the best technicians from 30 countries across the world compete against each other. They will fight for the title of ‘Best of Belron’ in front of more than 1,500 guests and a team of judges in Frankfurt, Germany, on the 27th and 28th June 2018.

Ryan Millar is the finalist from the UK. He faced fierce competition from colleagues throughout the preliminary rounds and in a UK wide competition held last year in Milton Keynes. Following on from that success, he is now primed to participate in the global final to compete for the international Best of Belron title.

Alongside the competition there will be an exhibition and conference, where suppliers and partners will showcase their products and services, and leading experts will explain and discuss challenges facing the automotive industry.

World Cup in Germany

It may come as a surprise that there is a World Cup for vehicle glass repair and replacement, but the event first started two decades ago and for the 10th time, Belron®, the parent company of Autoglass®, will hold the biennial global final.

During the competition, the technicians will showcase their extensive skills in vehicle glass repair and replacement, handling of new technologies and ability to abide by quality and safety standards. They will be tested on all aspects of their role, including how to repair and replace windscreen, side glass and refit a rear window, ADAS recalibration, how they communicate with their customers and the real care they take when carrying out each task.

A team of judges, accredited technical trainers from across the Belron® business, will rate their performance, not only watching their every move but ensuring fairness and transparency throughout the competition. The winner will receive prize money equal to one year’s salary.

Commenting on the competition, Ryan Millar of Autoglass® said:I am really looking forward to the opportunity to take on technicians from 30 other markets as I aim to take home the international Best of Belron title. The competition from my fellow technicians across the UK was fierce and I’m sure the international competition will be tougher still. Hopefully the training that I’ve received from Autoglass® in the UK will allow me to see it through and bring the trophy home.

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