Windrush Recognised As One Of The Best

Wednesday, July 5, 2017 - 18:20
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Windrush recognised as the best in the business

Windrush has cemented its status as the best car storage facility in the world by officially joining forces with some of the automotive industry’s most high-profile organisations.

Windrush offers car owners the chance to give their vehicle the ultimate VIP treatment at one of its ultra-luxurious facilities in the UK, and several companies have forged partnerships to become official partners.

Its state-of-the-art Central London and Cotswolds storage facilities have attracted official partnership agreements from 11 businesses, such as McLaren London, JD Classics, Nicholas Mee Aston Martin, Fiskins, Pagani UK, Topaz Detailing, Victor Aviation, Bonhams, Golden Keys concierge, Quintessentially and Kidson.

Much like private clients, the businesses take advantage of the same luxury treatment owners would expect and thus enjoy ultimate peace of mind. Whether storing a brand new customer car or keeping a fleet on site, business clients enjoy the unrivalled brilliance of Windrush’s services and know their cars are available, ready to be viewed by a potential client, at a moment’s notice.

What makes Windrush unique in the market is its remarkable level of attention to detail; it’s a luxury spa for cars with talented and qualified staff pampering clients’ pride and joy with the utmost care and skill. Whatever the client request to Windrush, the answer is always ‘yes’.

All cars that come through the exclusive doors of Windrush are treated to the very best care and are fully managed throughout their stay. Not only are they subject to a full valet and detail service, but they’re also kept in a high-security, dehumidified and climate-controlled environment to ensure conditions are ideal. Plus, cars are checked daily and benefit from a soft, breathable cover while parked in a the most spacious bays offered by any storage company. Around-the-clock security, and connection to an automatic battery conditioner provides additional peace of mind.

Feedback from Windrush customers and businesses are undisputedly positive; Nicolas Mee, owner of Nicolas Mee Aston Martin said he’s in no doubt about where is best to keep his cars: “There is simply no question in my mind – Windrush offers the best car storage in the world bar none. When we’re looking for the most luxurious and complete storage solution, we only ever turn to Windrush – they look after our cars better than anywhere else in the world and keep them in showroom condition. We can show clients cars in confidence in their London premises, it’s far removed from the average storage site offering comfortable, clean and luxurious surroundings in keeping with their business ethos.”

Gregor Fisken, Founder of Fiskens, echoed such sentiments, saying that founder Tim Earnshaw’s background in Formula One means he leaves no stone unturned: “When I first met Tim Earnshaw ahead of our partnership, I was captivated by his story and knew he was the man to look after our vehicles. Thanks to Tim’s time with Ferrari Formula One, he has developed a meticulous attention to detail with everything – and that’s exactly what Fiskens needs. We sell the best cars in the world, Windrush offers the best storage in the world.”

Lenai Despins, Partner Liaison Manager of Quintessentially, added: “Our members rely on us to recommend the very best products and services; we cannot risk offering second best. Windrush are the very best car storage business in the country, as a result we recommend them to our hugely discerning client base without hesitation, knowing they will enjoy exemplary service and satisfaction.”

Windrush has expanded massively since it was established 13 years ago out of Founder Earnshaw’s desire to find the perfect storage solution for his Morgan recreation, and it’s still continuing to grow.

Earnshaw, said: “We are absolutely honoured to be in partnership with so many of the country’s top car dealerships and businesses, and having their undivided trust is exactly what we pride ourselves on. This is the very pinnacle of car storage in the UK; we treat cars as if they’re our own and make sure they are subject to the most luxurious service. We have expanded hugely in 13 years thanks to a growth in trade and private business, and we are very excited to continue being the best around for many years to come.”

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