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Vredestein Ultra High Performance Summer Tyre Test

By Kyle Lindsay
Friday, April 14, 2017 - 09:00

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Vredestein Ultra High Performance summer tyres

Vredestein introduced the Ultrac Vorti five years ago and the Ultra High Performance summer tyre was immediately hailed as a superb new addition to the company’s range in terms of both style and performance. The Vorti has since become a resounding commercial success; it also benefits from the bold contemporary design touch of the Italian design house Giugiaro, which gives it a very distinctive sporty appearance.

Auto Bild’s UHP summer tyre test pitted nine tyre models against one another in a range of conditions. The testing disciplines on wet surfaces were ‘aquaplaning’, ‘handling’, ‘performance on a circular track’ and ‘braking’, while on dry surfaces, ‘handling’, ‘rolling resistance’, ‘braking’ and ‘noise’ were considered.

The nine different makes of tyre – all in 245/40R18 size – were fitted on an Audi TT test car and then pushed to their limits and beyond. Speed and safety – especially grip and braking distance – were the most important criteria. “It is only when everything fits just right that the driver enjoys a feeling of safety,” Auto Bild stated. “Driving pleasure automatically comes next.”

The Vredestein Ultrac Vorti is characterised by style and innovation in both its tread and sidewall, while also incorporating a range of technological features. This advanced technology ensures even rolling characteristics, helps prevent uneven wear while also maintaining low sound levels; it provides excellent grip, handling and braking on both dry and wet surfaces. Having the Y speed index (300km/h), it is suited to modern, very high performance cars.

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