Volvo Trucks launch new fuel-saving app

Volvo-Trucks-Dynafleet-app-smartphone-fleet-newsSMART: Volvo launch new trucker app

Volvo Trucks are encouraging HGV drivers to drive more economically and slash fleet costs by launching a new fuel-saving smartphone app.

Part of Volvo Trucks’ fleet management system ‘Dynafleet’, the app displays Information to the driver that was previously only available to the transport company.

One of the app’s functions – ‘Fuel Efficiency Score’ – rates driver performance in four key areas: anticipation and braking, engine and gearbox utilisation, speed adaption and standstill.

The results are then collated to produce an overall score.

Jarkko Aine, Communications and Competence Manager within Transport Solutions at Volvo Trucks, said: “With the new app, drivers can see for themselves how efficiently they drive, compare their performance with that of their colleagues and improve their driving techniques still further.

“The idea is to provide an incentive for a well-planned and safe driving style – one that gives low fuel consumption and low emissions and subjects the vehicle to less wear.”

All in all, fuel represents between 21% and 39% of total transport company costs.

By adopting an economical style, drivers can typically reduce a transport company’s fuel costs by up to 7%.