Volkswagen’s Spring Health Check

Wednesday, March 22, 2017 - 10:50
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Volkswagens Spring Health Check

Spring is upon us with today’s Vernal Equinox (20 March) and Volkswagen is marking the occasion by launching its Spring Health Check.

Included for the £20.00 (RRP) price is a 34-point Express Visual Check of the customer’s car. This will highlight wear and tear that may need attention now or in the near future, giving renewed peace of mind for trouble-free motoring through the busy summer months.

In addition the Volkswagen Retailer will spring clean the exterior of the car and vacuum the inside, clearing up any remnants of winter dirt and grime that may still be lurking.

Winter driving often involves picking up salt residue on the windscreen, and so the windscreen washer fluid may well require replenishing. That is included in Volkswagen’s Spring Health Check too. And if the engine oil needs a top-up, this will also be carried out by Volkswagen’s trained technicians.

To ensure every Volkswagen continues to look fresh for spring the customer will also receive a Spring Clean Kit. This includes a cockpit cleaner, a wheel brush and wheel cleaner, a micro-fibre cloth to keep the interior surfaces dust-free and the vital insect remover.

The Spring Health Check is available at Volkswagen Retailers nationwide until 30 April. To find your local Volkswagen Retailer please visit Volkswagen.

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