Venson help fleets control BIK costs with new on-the-go online tax guide

Thursday, August 15, 2013 - 11:00
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HELP: Venson’s guide will aid fleets

Independent leasing and fleet management company Venson Automotive Solutions are helping company car drivers control BIK Tax cost with a new ‘Fleet Tax Guide’.

The mobile-enabled guide, available online now, allows customers to access up-to-date tax tables, and calculate the tax on company cars and employer-provided fuel.

It also provides easy-to-understand definitions of commonly-used tax terms.

Simon Staton, Director of Client Management for Venson Automotive Solutions, said: “We’ve listened to our customers and have built this solution around their needs.

“Many said they find the calculation of the Benefit in Kind tax challenging, so we’ve created this web-based user-friendly tool to simplify the process.”

Company cars account for more than 60% of all new car sales in the UK, with around one million fleet or business registrations in 2012.

Benefit in Kind is used to tax company cars made available for the private use of employees and is based on CO2 emissions, vehicle list price and fuel type.

The guide’s Calculator evaluates the Benefit in Kind tax of company cars, helping drivers quickly and simply understand the monthly costs of the car of their choice.

BCF Wessex played a key role in bringing the Venson Fleet Tax Guide to market.

Jeff Whitcombe, Director at BCF Wessex, added: “The new Guide from Venson shows that pocket-sized paper based tax cards, which are still commonly used, are redundant as they quickly become out of date in a digital age.

“As a web-app designed for use on all smartphones and tablets, the Guide is always easily accessible and, as it is constantly refreshed to reflect any tax changes, users will always have the very latest information to hand.

“It’s a great on-the-go tool for fleet managers and company car drivers.”

Image courtesy of XiXiDu, with thanks.

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