Trakm8 launch tachometer fleet management solutions after TruTac analyst deal struck

Wednesday, June 12, 2013 - 11:08
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SOLUTION: Trakm8 team up with TruTac

Trakm8 are integrating legal data compliance analysis tools into their telematics solutions after striking a deal with tachometer analytics company TruTac.

The agreement sees joint product development and marketing arrangements between Trakm8 and the Coventry-based company – with several options already available.

Trakm8 T8 has been adapted so tachograph data can be downloaded via the hand shake process required by the Vehicle Operator and Services Agency (VOSA), without need for any other hardware.

The T8 already has full CAN Bus functionality for driver behaviour solutions and to identify any vehicle fault and service requirements.

As a result, Trakm8 say their hardware solution is ‘far more cost effective to install than most other available solutions’.

The ‘Trakm8 tacho analyser’ provides operators with driver and vehicle hours information required to monitor legal compliance under EU driver hours regulations and VOSA-enforced rules.

All tachograph data is validated and stored securely to meet legal requirements.

‘Trakm8 tacho mobile’ has been launched to provide the driver and fleet manager the current driver hours status and history on a mobile application.

Trakm8 integrate this data into routing and scheduling package ‘Trakm8 logistics’ to overlay the driver hours available with other constraints, or distance and traffic information, to establish optimum delivery schedule.

Other optional software packages now available provide daily vehicle check compliance (‘Trakm8 HGV day check’) and driver behaviour compliance (‘Trakm8 time manager’).

John Watkins, CEO of Trakm8, said: “Trakm8 tacho is the first of the next generation solutions following the large increase in engineering resource announced in October last year.

“We are positively surprised by the take up of this technology by our lead customers who have already integrated the Tachograph information into their driver planning modules to optimise their routings.”  

Terry Ramsey, Managing Director of TruTac, said: “Planning deliveries using accurate tachograph data to optimize routes is common sense.

“Integrating live data and transmitting direct to the transport office enables real time efficient vehicle and driver management; massively improving productivity and providing various cost benefits”

Image courtesy of the Highways Agency, with thanks.

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