Suzuki launch all-new fleet-friendly 4×4 Swift in UK after huge Japanese success

Tuesday, July 9, 2013 - 08:00
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LOVED: 4×4 Swift expected to be huge success

Suzuki are launching the 4×4 Swift in the UK after enjoying great success in Japan, Germany and Switzerland.

On sale this month from £11,516, the Swift 4×4 is a five-door 1.2 petrol model with manual transmission, equipped as either an SZ3 or SZ4 grade.

Apart from 4×4 badging and a slightly increased body ride height of 25mm, the SZ3 grade appears identical to the equivalent SZ3 five-door.

The SZ4 model is more rugged, offering extra protection over rough ground through front and rear skid plates, black wheel arch extensions and black side skirts.

With a proven and simple fully-automatic and permanent four-wheel-drive system, Suzuki claim the vehicle ‘further enhances the already highly-acclaimed cornering ability of the Swift’.

It is just 65kg heavier than an equivalent 2WD petrol model and emissions are just 10g/km higher at 126g/km.

Included in Suzuki’s recently extended VAT free offers, the 4WD Swift is priced at £11,516 for SZ3 and £13,116 for the higher specified SZ4 model.

The SZ4 model now includes power folding door mirrors with integral indicators and Daylight Running Lamps as standard equipment.

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