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Strong Start To The Year For Volkswagen Group Deliverys

Monday, February 15, 2016 - 10:35
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The Volkswagen Group delivered more vehicles in the first month of this year compared with the prior year, handing over 847,800 models to customers. Commenting on the January figures in Wolfsburg on Friday Matthias Müller, CEO of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft, said: “The brands recorded a rise in deliveries in January.” Müller continued: “Developments on world markets at the beginning of the year are mixed. The situation in Brazil and Russia remains tense, China is regaining momentum and the trend in Europe is generally stable.”

Developments on the overall Chinese market at the start of the year were particularly positive, with market growth running at around twelve percent. The Volkswagen Group and its brands put up an even stronger performance (+13.9 percent), handing over more than 400,000 models to customers and making January a record month. Never before has the Group delivered so many vehicles in China in a single month. This growth was a decisive factor in developments in the Asia-Pacific region as a whole (+12.0 percent).

The situation in the Americas was more challenging. The company delivered 61,100 vehicles in the North America region in the first month of the year, of which 36,400 units were handed over to customers in the United States (-7.0 percent), where the sales stop for several models with diesel engines had an impact. Deliveries in the South America region, where the general economic climate remains tense, declined appreciably (-32.2 percent).

In Europe, January was a more pleasing month (+1.8 percent). The Group with its twelve brands recorded a slight increase (+2.9 percent) in Western Europe. Deliveries remained stable in the home market of Germany (+0.4 percent). In contrast, developments in Central and Eastern Europe (-4.2 percent) continued to feel the effects of the tense situation in Russia (-29.5 percent). Increases in several other markets in the region could not offset the downward trend in January.

Overview of deliveries by the Volkswagen Group:

Deliveries to customers by markets January
Europe 292,600 287,500 +1.8
Western Europe 248,600 241,500 +2.9
Germany 89,700 89,300 +0.4
Central and Eastern Europe 44,000 45,900 -4.2
Russia 9,700 13,800 -29.5
North America 61,100 63,200 -3.4
USA 36,400 39,200 -7.0
South America 36,500 53,900 -32.2
Brazil 23,500 38,500 -38.8
Asia-Pacific 427,100 381,300 +12.0
China 400,100 351,400 +13.9
Worldwide 847,800 817,600 +3.7
Deliveries to customers by brands January
Volkswagen Passenger Cars 521,400 507,100 +2.8
Audi 143,200 137,700 +4.0
ŠKODA 91,600 87,000 +5.2
SEAT 27,700 27,700 +0.1
Porsche 19,900 16,000 +24.2
Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles 31,200 30,600 +2.1
MAN 6,800 5,600 +21.4
Scania 5,400 5,000 +6.1
Volkswagen Group (total) 847,800 817,600 +3.7


Moreover, deliveries by the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand also made a generally stable start to the new year. 521,400 vehicles were handed over to customers in the first month of this year, an increase of 2.8 percent compared with the same month in 2015. “The challenging situation on world markets and its impact on the Volkswagen brand continue into the new year. In light of that I am satisfied with the way the year has begun”, is how Jürgen Stackmann, Member of the Board of Management of the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand responsible for Sales, Marketing and After-Sales, summarized the situation. Stackmann added: “Moreover, we are facing a particularly challenging year. Not merely in terms of deliveries, but above all for our service team.” Implementation of the technical measures for diesel engines approved by the authorities has just got underway and started well. “That is one of the biggest organizational challenges we are facing as a service organization”, Stackmann commented. All partners are well prepared and very highly motivated to make the workshop visit as pleasant as possible for customers.

The company handed over 121,100 vehicles to customers on the overall European market in the first month of the year. Deliveries in Western Europe were almost stable (-2.6 percent). In Central and Eastern Europe, on the other hand, deliveries were 6.3 percent down in light of the situation in Russia. More than 40,000 vehicles were handed over to customers on the home market of Germany.

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