Shell offers UK fleet customers opportunity to drive carbon neutral

Thursday, October 10, 2019 - 10:00
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From October 17, 2019, Shell fuel card customers in the UK can choose to offset the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from their fuel purchases at more than 1,000 Shell-branded service stations and third-party networks. Whilst the industry is moving towards lower-carbon fuel alternatives, during the transition there remains a need for traditional fuel options. This new service enables the calculation and offsetting of CO2 emissions from a company’s fleet, thus helping to reduce their environmental impact.

Nature Based Solutions. Forestry, Glen Garry, Scotland

Sarah Llewelyn, UK Sales Director for Shell Fleet Solutions said: “There is increasing demand placed on our fleet customers to reduce their emissions and be accountable for their environmental performance. The ability to offset the emissions of their fleet through the use of their Shell Card is one way we can help them take action on this now.”

For customers on the journey to lowering emissions, this service is simple; opt-in and use the Shell fuel card as usual. Shell will track the fuel usage and resulting CO2 emissions, and then offset them. An offsetting service cost tied to customer’s fuel usage will be added to their usual consolidated invoice. Shell will then offset customers’ emissions by purchasing carbon credits generated from projects in the UK and internationally that protect and regenerate forests.* These projects are independently verified to ensure they have the intended impact.

Annually, customers will also receive a Verified Carbon Reduction Certificate detailing the total CO2 emissions from their fleet that have been offset through their participation in this service.

To date, the Shell CO2 offsetting scheme has already been successfully rolled out to fleet customers in a number of markets, including France and Belgium, which saw Accenture Benelux as its first customer.

In the UK, Shell supports the government’s target of net-zero emissions by 2050. Companies like Shell offering lower-carbon options to their customers, from electric vehicle charging to hydrogen, as well as CO2 offsets, can help to achieve this transition.

This programme will contribute to Shell’s ambition to reduce its own Net Carbon Footprint**. This covers both Shell’s emissions from finding and producing oil and gas and manufacturing products, as well as customers’ emissions from their use of the energy products they buy from Shell.

* Shell has sourced some carbon credits from within the UK, including the Overkirkhope Project in the Scottish borders and the Longwood Project in Cumbria, both woodland creation projects verified to the UK Woodland Carbon Code. However, the UK market for carbon credits is small. Therefore, to have enough to offset UK drivers in this scheme, these will be supplemented by carbon credits purchased from nature-based projects globally, including Cordillera Azul National Park Project in Peru, Katingan Peatland Restoration and Conservation Project in Indonesia and GreenTrees Reforestation Project in the USA.

** Further information on Shell’s Net Carbon Footprint ambition.

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