Saving time, money and reducing fuel fraud

Friday, March 1, 2019 - 08:44
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One particular client has been thrilled with the service BPme provides for their fleet. BioMarsh, the liquid waste management company, love how BPme allows easy and trackable mobile payment on the extensive BP Fuel Card network across the UK; “Our business has changed so much over the years, but the BPme app has really supported our growth and enables our 80 vehicles to keep moving”, said Steve Strudwick, General Manager at BioMarsh. “We get really good support from our account manager at BP, including a report on a weekly basis filled with data that we can analyse to look for improvements in our business.”

One of the main features of BPme is that staff can log in and see where their nearest garage is and use it to access fuel wherever they are. They can also enter and exit the forecourt quickly, which increases business efficiency. A BioMarsh driver said “with the app, you don’t even have to go into the station – you just activate the app, select the pump number, put your mileage and registration number in, and it activates the pump. You put the fuel straight into your lorry and go.”


The app also remembers a driver’s registration from the first time they enter it, saving the driver having to remember, and helping fleet managers to track activity and tackle fuel card fraud. Strudwick says “we’ve had incidents in the past where ex-employees take fuel cards with them and use them in a fraudulent manner, but now that’s not possible – we can quickly spot if something is going wrong.”

Jo McDonnell, UK Fleet Sales Manager, BP Fuel Cards said on the six-month milestone; “we are so pleased to see the success of fuel card functionality on BPme. Time is quite literally money for fleets, and BPme decreases the time spent on both fuelling at the pump and on admin back at headquarters.”

To find out more about BPme and Biomarsh, please see this case study video.

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